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Embracing Impermanent Art through Nature 

Impermanent Nature Art involves using natural materials like leaves, sticks, stones, flowers or anything you can find to craft a temporary art piece that blends harmoniously with the environment. This unique form of art encourages us to appreciate the fleeting beauty of our creations and the world around us.   This is an invitation to head […]

Youth Arts Action: Summer Program Registration Open!

Summer is just around the corner, and Youth Arts Action is thrilled to invite you to join our exciting summer program, Art for Social Change through the Decades! From July to August, we invite all youth aged 12-18 to dive into a vibrant exploration of various art forms that have shaped social movements and cultural […]

Youth Arts Action Program’s Zine Workshop at Contemporary Calgary

At the end of the Youth Arts Action program, a zine workshop brought together a diverse group of youth from all the different locations where the program is held to Contemporary Calgary. This hands-on event was not only an opportunity to learn and create but also a celebration of the entire program’s cycle, ending with […]

What is a Zine?

So, what is a zine you ask? It is more than just a piece of paper- it’s a declaration of identity, a catalyst for change and a celebration of individuality. It is a form or art that educates, inspires and connects community! A zine is a handmade mini magazine often dedicated to adding unheard voices […]

Youth Zine Workshop Night!

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening of creativity and community at the upcoming Youth Zine Workshop! Hosted at Contemporary Calgary on Monday May 13th from 4:30-7:30pm. This event invites youth ages 12-18 to unleash their imagination and express their individual identities through the art of zine-making! Join us for an evening filled with vibrant […]

What’s On with Youth Arts Action – March

The first few weeks of Youth Arts Action: Individual Identity and Nurturing a Sense of Belonging has been off to an incredible start! Through engaging activities focused on the exploration of both individual identity and community narratives, youth have begun to explore their own experiences while also finding meaningful connections with their peers and the […]

June Workshops: Merging Creative Mediums

Join us for a series of engaging workshops designed to explore emotions, self expression and story telling through an intersection of traditional arts and photography. Youth are invited to register for one or more of the workshops provided throughout June! Co-led by Antyx facilitators Daniel and Kai who are bridging their expertise in two different […]

Cafe Night Highlights

The recent Cafe Night hosted by Youth Arts Action at the Central Public Library was an unforgettable celebration of creativity and connection. Youth, parents and community members came together to embark on an artistic journey of creative expression. At the heart of the event were two captivating art forms: Monochrome and Zentangle, both of which […]

Calling All Youth Artists!

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey exploring individual identity through the transformative power of art? Youth Arts Action’s next 10-week cycle is open for registration for the upcoming program! Join us as we dive deep into the therapeutic benefits of traditional art mediums, engaging in discussions and shared experiences. Each session offers […]

Café Night at Youth Arts Action

As the Youth Arts Action cycle approaches the final Café Night event, we start working on the final projects that sumarise all our work to date. These final weeks, will go through exploration of book covers, abstract self-portraits, and a final Creativity Community Café Night. Weeks 7 and 8, Book Cover Art Piece These sessions […]