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Embracing Impermanent Art through Nature 

Impermanent Nature Art involves using natural materials like leaves, sticks, stones, flowers or anything you can find to craft a temporary art piece that blends harmoniously with the environment. This unique form of art encourages us to appreciate the fleeting beauty of our creations and the world around us.  

This is an invitation to head outside in your neighborhood and take a moment to unwind, connect with nature and let your imagination run wild. Whether you build intricate land art, create natural sculptures, or simply arrange materials in a beautiful pattern, the possibilities are endless. 

Once you’ve created your impermanent art, snap a photo and share it with us on social media! Tag @AntyxArts to showcase your creativity and connect with other young artists who are also exploring the wonders of nature through art.  
We hope this opportunity fosters deeper appreciation for nature and sharing your unique vision with the community. So, head outdoors, collect some natural materials and let your creativity flow! We can’t wait to see the incredible impermanent art pieces you create this summer!  

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