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Jeff has worked with youth in Calgary and the area for 15 years. Having worked with Rockyview School Division, The Mustard Seed, Inn From The Cold, Boys and Girls Clubs, Child and Family Services. Most recently, Jeff was the Executive Director for Cornerstone Youth Centre. Jeff is also Co-Chair of The United Ways Council of Champions and Chair of Bow Valley Colleges Child and Youth Care Counseling Review Board. Having been a keynote speaker at many events on the topic of homelessness and prevention, Jeff has done a Tedx Talk in 2013 on the topic of “Expert Sharing” and was the winner of the Audience Choice award for his 2017 Fast Pitch with Social Venture Partners.

Born and raised in Airdrie, Jeff is a former professional touring musician who can be found playing hockey year-round, kayaking, and enjoying a ride on his motorbike. Jeff brings a humorous, calm, and peaceful persona with a passionate heart for youth and the arts in Calgary. Having been a homeless teen himself, Jeff’s fundamental belief in prevention-based programming comes from seeing the need firsthand, and his passion for this work shows.


Programs Team Lead

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Jeffrey Wilkins joins Antyx with a varied and colourful experience. Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Jeffrey moved to Calgary in 1994 for school and now calls it home. Jeffrey has an affinity with the outdoors and can be found often surrounded by mountains on or near water. “Mountains around me, water beneath me, blue sky above me . . . I am home”.  

Jeffrey holds a BFA from ACAD in Jewellery and Metals and studied sculpture and ceramics at UofR prior to that. Jeffrey spent most of his informative years with a camera in hand or close by. Naturally, his photography made its way into his arts education and vise versa. At various times throughout his life, Jeffrey made his living as an artist and a photographer. Jeffrey still practices art today drawing from his life experiences and the world around him.  

Congruently with his arts career, Jeffrey continued to gain knowledge and experience in various leadership roles working with small to midsize teams in customer experience roles. Most recently Jeffrey was part of the leadership team at InjaNation, an indoor “family” fun and fitness facility. This is where Jeffrey made his first real connections to working youth and particularly “at risk” youth. As a youth, you never know where you are going to meet that one (or more if you are lucky) person that will make a difference in your life. Jeffrey experienced such a life altering influence in the form of his math teacher in high school. As a leader, it’s the chance to reach someone on this level that motivates Jeffrey and inspired him to join Antyx. Jeffrey believes that as leaders we are here to “help” our teams reach their potential.  

“I want to help raise you up and in doing so we all benefit”. 

This role at Antyx will allow Jeffrey to use all his skills and passions to create great connections and possibly be one of the people who make a difference.  


Creative Arts Facilitator

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Kai Williamson joins Antyx with experience in the field of education and a passion for creating spaces for youth to make waves in society. They focus on the power of community and the strength in providing platforms for voices to be heard. Kai is a self-taught artist who holds the belief that creativity has the capacity to transcend our understanding of self, and our relation to the world around us. 

Kai obtained a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge and spent several years in Southern Alberta supporting youth through their work at the Boys and Girls Club and through their time as a middle school teacher. 

Born in Calgary, Kai is excited to return to the city they grew up in to build meaningful connections through the Arts. With the intention of empowering youth and fostering community Kai brings an enthusiastic energy to the Antyx team. 

Film Labs Instructor


Film Labs Facilitator

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Daniel Perdiguero Rodríguez takes the role of Film Lab Facilitator at Antyx, driven by his passion for education and media fields. Originally from Madrid, Daniel spent most of his life in the vibrant city of Málaga, Spain. He holds a BA in Media Production and a MEd in Secondary, VET, and Adult Education, with a specialization in Image and Plastic Arts.

Daniel’s teaching philosophy centers on challenging systems, opening minds, and encouraging alternative approaches to learning. He firmly believes that education should be about nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression.

Throughout his career, Daniel took the role of Media Production lecturer in Slovenia for over three years. He was a certified instructor by the Slovenian Republic to teach courses at a Higher Education Institution, where he inspired and guided students to unleash their potential and apply theoretical knowledge in the field.

As a Film Lab Facilitator at Antyx, Daniel is committed to sharing his extensive knowledge and life experiences with youth. He aims to inspire the next generation of media enthusiasts to pursue their passions and create a better world through multimedia. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” With Daniel’s guidance, the change is on its way!


Office Administrator

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In her exciting journey as the Office Administrator at Antyx, Celine Sajan brings a personal touch to her professional narrative. Born and raised in Calgary, Celine’s roots run deep, and her enthusiasm to help others and make a positive difference is unmistakable. With five years of practical experience in office administration, Celine is set to infuse her passion for efficiency, keen time management, and attention to detail into the Antyx team.


Within the dynamic sphere of Antyx, Celine’s role goes beyond the typical office administrator duties. Each challenge, whether navigating complex problems or exploring uncharted territory, becomes an opportunity for Celine to make a meaningful contribution to the collective impact of the team. Her unwavering dedication to efficiency and collaborative problem-solving positions her as a vital force in shaping the operational narrative of Antyx.


Celine’s professional evolution is a testament to the impact of seemingly small actions. With five years of hands-on office experience, she embodies effective communication, adept problem-solving, and a proactive mindset. Celine’s role extends beyond the conventional administrative tasks, emerging as a driving force for positive change. As her journey unfolds, it stands as a reminder that determination, kindness, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence have the power to illuminate the world.


Youth Arts Action Facilitator

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Finch joins Antyx after participating in two practicums with the organisation. With a passion for working with and supporting youth in discovery they wish to plant a seed of curiosity, self-advocacy and connection with youth. Finch is a creative who believes that not everything can be shared through words and that holding different tools or mediums allows for a greater potential of connection and understanding.  


Finch is a Child and Youth Care Counsellor and a recent graduate of Bow Valley College with a Diploma in Child and Youth Care. They have spent many seasons as a camp counsellor for disadvantaged youth. Finch is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria. 


Born and raised in Calgary, Finch looks forward to supporting their community and building connections. Working intentionally to foster empowerment and growth with youth through creative mediums.