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Youth Arts Action: Summer Program Registration Open!

Summer is just around the corner, and Youth Arts Action is thrilled to invite you to join our exciting summer program, Art for Social Change through the Decades!

From July to August, we invite all youth aged 12-18 to dive into a vibrant exploration of various art forms that have shaped social movements and cultural expressions since the 1960s. Our program will engage participants in hands-on activities, inspiring discussions, and creative reflections on how art has the power to drive change and foster community connections.

Join us for eight weeks of creative fun, where you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with a range of artistic styles—from the bold and colorful Pop Art of the 1960s to the expressive Tie Dye of the 1970s, the dynamic Graffiti Art of the 1980s and so much more. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just looking to explore your creative side, there’s something for everyone!

Through this program, youth will not only develop artistic skills but also engage in meaningful conversations about the impact of art on society. Expanding understanding of how artistic expression can be a powerful tool for social change, equipped with the initiative and problem-solving skills needed to make a difference in community.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to express yourself, learn new techniques, and be part of a community that values creativity and social impact. Register now and be a part of a summer filled with creativity, connection, and change!

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