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The Film Lab – Summer is here!

We are excited to introduce The Film Lab Summer Photography Program, an exciting opportunity for young photographers aged 12 to 18 to immerse themselves in the world of photography and visual storytelling. This program is designed to inspire creativity, foster community, and develop technical skills through a series of engaging and educational activities. Throughout the […]

Festival de Cine at Crescent Heights Highschool

Crescent Heights High School held their first Festival de Cine en Español, a special event that showcased the filmmaking talents of the students of four Spanish bilingual schools in Calgary. The students at Crescent Heights had participated in a unique program led by Antyx Community Arts Society, where they learned about filmmaking in their Spanish […]

The Film Lab’s Pizza Party at Cardel Rec South

The end of The Film Lab’s 10-week cinematography program was a pizza party event held at Cardel Rec South. This program, designed to immerse youth from the community in the art of filmmaking and SEL components, ended after eleven sessions with a pizza party and the recording of a movie scene. The Film Lab Experience […]

Our Filmmaking adventure

During the month of April, youth have been attending our filmmaking offering at Cardel Rec South. With our phones as our recording and editing tools, our participants have been navigating a new realm of expression, having the chance to put together unique visual pieces and breaking down simple actions into movies. The filmmaking course is […]

Podcasting and Visual Arts

During the last sessions in April, Youth Arts Action and The Film Lab have been collaborating in their central location, Contemporary Calgary, offering a unique mix of art. Leading mixed arts sessions have enriched our participants’ experience greatly. We have had meaningful connections and explored the realms of multimedia and traditional art. The participants had […]

Starting our Filmmaking Journey

Our Film Lab program offers teenagers aged 12 to 18 a chance to learn about filmmaking while also developing important social and emotional skills. We’re excited to share the success of our recent filmmaking cycle at Cardel Rec South with our community.   In March, we started a new cycle of filmmaking at Cardel Rec South, […]

June Workshops: Merging Creative Mediums

Join us for a series of engaging workshops designed to explore emotions, self expression and story telling through an intersection of traditional arts and photography. Youth are invited to register for one or more of the workshops provided throughout June! Co-led by Antyx facilitators Daniel and Kai who are bridging their expertise in two different […]

Creative Filmmaking for a Positive Impact

In our upcoming program, “Creative Filmmaking for a Positive Impact,” we’re gearing up to empower youth to make a difference in their communities through the powerful medium of video. Over the course of 10 weeks, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and social exploration through video creation. With just their smartphones, they’ll engage […]

Empowering Youth Voices: The Power of Podcasting in Today’s World

At Antyx Community Arts, we’ve recently finished our 10-week podcasting program, aimed at fostering inclusivity and providing a safe space for youth aged 12 to 18 in the Thorncliffe Greenview Community. Through our podcast, “The Film Lab – An Antyx Community Arts Society Podcast,” we’ve covered Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) topics with the attending youth, […]

The Film Lab Podcast Programming in Thorncliffe Greenview

The Film Lab, a podcast from the Antyx Community Arts Society, is happenning every Thursday in the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre. This program, organized in 10-week sessions, explores podcasting as a tool to create more inclusive communities. Introducing The Film Lab: A Creative Space for Thorncliffe Greenview Youth The Film Lab isn’t just a podcast; […]