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Festival de Cine at Crescent Heights Highschool

Crescent Heights High School held their first Festival de Cine en Español, a special event that showcased the filmmaking talents of the students of four Spanish bilingual schools in Calgary. The students at Crescent Heights had participated in a unique program led by Antyx Community Arts Society, where they learned about filmmaking in their Spanish language classes.

The Journey: Learning Filmmaking in Spanish

The preparation for the festival began with six sessions on filmmaking, taught by Daniel Perdiguero from Antyx. What made this program unique was that it was integrated into Spanish classes, with all instruction entirely in Spanish. This approach not only taught students about filmmaking but also helped them improve their Spanish language skills in a fun and practical way.

During the six sessions, students at Crescent Heights High School learned about scriptwriting, storyboarding, filmming, and editing. They communicated and collaborated in Spanish, making the learning experience even richer. These hands-on workshops led to the creation of original short films, each showcasing the students’ creativity and cultural perspectives.

Festival de Cine en Español

The Festival de Cine en Español was the grand finale, bringing together students from Crescent Heights High School and three other Calgary schools. The event celebrated youth talent, creativity, and cultural expression. Attendees watched a variety of short films, each one demonstrating the students’ hard work and artistic vision. The festival provided a platform for these young filmmakers to showcase their projects and receive recognition for their efforts.

Antyx at the Festival: Judging and Support

Antyx Community Arts Society played an important role in the festival. Jeff Gray, the executive director of Antyx, and Daniel Perdiguero, the Spanish filmmaking instructor, participated as part of the jury. As judges, they were impressed by the creativity, technical skill, and storytelling abilities of the students.

A Memorable Event

The festival concluded with an awards ceremony, recognizing the outstanding achievements of the students. Prizes were awarded in various categories, celebrating excellence in storytelling, cinematography, and Spanish language.

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