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Ward 5 Mural

Antyx is collaborating with Ward 5 to bring an exciting new mural project to the community!

Free for Youth 12 to 18 years old, that will be involved in the ideation, design and painting, covering SEL topics and connecting with their community

About the Mural Project

Our mural projects bring the opportunity to youth 12 to 18 to express themselves through art. We aim to create a sense of belonging, community and connection whislt gaining artistic knowledge.

We aim for the mural representing the power of art to bring people together, inspire change, and transform spaces. This mural project will be an incredible platform for youth to express their unique voices, unleash their imagination, and collaborate with other passionate youth.

Meet the Mural Artists

Bella Ritchat

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About the Facilitator


Makayla has been involved with Antyx since she was in Grade 9! Makayla found her passions at a very young age when she discovered volunteer opportunities and the ability she had to create change in her community. She always found ways to express her devotion to art whether it be music or visual and incorporate it into her learning and advocacy journey.

She believes art is a way to express your voice on social justice issues and explore topics like human rights through community building. She likes to inspire youth and children to challenge themselves and step outside of their comfort zone with different art forms such as theatre, painting, music, and poetry while working hand in hand with social workers to still implement important social justice into their day-to-day lives. She is currently a student at Mount Royal University.