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The Film Lab – Summer is here!

We are excited to introduce The Film Lab Summer Photography Program, an exciting opportunity for young photographers aged 12 to 18 to immerse themselves in the world of photography and visual storytelling. This program is designed to inspire creativity, foster community, and develop technical skills through a series of engaging and educational activities.

Throughout the program, participants will explore various facets of photography. They’ll start with the basics of what makes a good photograph, tying it into emotions and thoughts about belonging. This foundational knowledge will be built upon with hands-on exercises, including creating digital collages and mood boards to visually express their ideas.

One of the core components of the program is the exploration of black and white photography. Participants will learn to express emotions through shadows, textures, and the use of different materials to create unique scenes. This segment also includes an introduction to color theory, where they will experiment with analog and contrasting colors to convey emotions such as fear, happiness, diversity, anger, disagreement, and exclusion.

The program also emphasizes the importance of minimalism in photography, teaching the concept that “less is more.” Participants will delve into the psychology of photography, understanding how different angles and shot types can evoke various emotions. They will create emotion collages that depict characters like villains and heroes, discussing social-emotional learning (SEL) aspects such as belonging and inclusion.

Composition is another critical aspect covered in the program. Participants will learn where to place subjects in a scene to communicate effectively through non-verbal language. This will be reinforced through practical exercises that enhance their understanding of visual storytelling.

The program culminates in the creation of a final project where participants will choose a prop and develop a visual story around it. This project allows them to synthesize all the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired, from technical aspects like composition and color to the emotional impact of their work. Participants will plan their visual story, give it a unique name, and prepare a photo brief.

The grand finale of “The Film Lab” Summer Photography Program is a photography art exhibit. Participants will have the opportunity to display their printed photographs and talk about their pieces, showcasing their work to family, friends, and the community. This exhibit not only celebrates their achievements but also provides a platform for them to share their creative journey.

Join us in “The Film Lab” Summer Photography Program to develop your photography skills, express your creativity, and make lasting memories. Register now on our website and be part of this inspiring journey!

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