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Youth Arts Action

New Mural project at the Genesis Centre!

We are thrilled to announce a new collaborative initiative between Genesis Centre, Planet Youth, and Antyx: a brand-new community mural! This exciting project aims to foster community, creativity, and collaboration among our youth. Antyx has a rich history of engaging in mural projects, bringing art and community together. Recently, we transformed a basketball court in […]

Youth Arts Action Program’s Zine Workshop at Contemporary Calgary

At the end of the Youth Arts Action program, a zine workshop brought together a diverse group of youth from all the different locations where the program is held to Contemporary Calgary. This hands-on event was not only an opportunity to learn and create but also a celebration of the entire program’s cycle, ending with […]

Mural Unveiling at Cardel Rec South

On May 10th Belonging, a mural project, supporting diverse communities and mental wellness was unveiled to the public. The event was well attended, representatives from the organizations involved were present. Jeff Biers, from Cardel Rec South; Jason Lidberg, from Planet Youth Calgary; Jeffrey Wilkins, Antyx Community Arts and Makayla Krause, Facilitator for the project, also […]

Podcasting and Visual Arts

During the last sessions in April, Youth Arts Action and The Film Lab have been collaborating in their central location, Contemporary Calgary, offering a unique mix of art. Leading mixed arts sessions have enriched our participants’ experience greatly. We have had meaningful connections and explored the realms of multimedia and traditional art. The participants had […]

Campfire Connections

Campfire Connections for Youth is a new series of free events for youth, 12 to 18 years of age led by Cardel Rec South in Shawnessy Campfires have the magical ability to break down barriers, enabling people to build connections. By gathering around the campfires, we’ll create a warm and inviting space where youth can […]

Shawnessy Mural update – April 2024

A group of around 20 youth have been working on a project in Shawnessy at Cardel Rec south. It’s done and ready to be installed on the walls of the South Fish Creek Complex, Cardel Rec South.  The project’s purpose is to support the diverse community surrounding the complex and help create a more inclusive […]

What is a Zine?

So, what is a zine you ask? It is more than just a piece of paper- it’s a declaration of identity, a catalyst for change and a celebration of individuality. It is a form or art that educates, inspires and connects community! A zine is a handmade mini magazine often dedicated to adding unheard voices […]

Starting our Filmmaking Journey

Our Film Lab program offers teenagers aged 12 to 18 a chance to learn about filmmaking while also developing important social and emotional skills. We’re excited to share the success of our recent filmmaking cycle at Cardel Rec South with our community.   In March, we started a new cycle of filmmaking at Cardel Rec South, […]

What’s On with Youth Arts Action – March

The first few weeks of Youth Arts Action: Individual Identity and Nurturing a Sense of Belonging has been off to an incredible start! Through engaging activities focused on the exploration of both individual identity and community narratives, youth have begun to explore their own experiences while also finding meaningful connections with their peers and the […]

Antyx Community Arts Joins Pink Shirt Day to Stand Against Bullying

At Antyx Community Arts, we’re committed to making a difference in our community. That’s why we proudly participated in Pink Shirt Day at the Genesis Centre, standing united against bullying. What is Pink Shirt Day? Pink Shirt Day is a global movement that raises awareness about bullying and promotes kindness. It started in 2007 when […]