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What’s On with Youth Arts Action – March

The first few weeks of Youth Arts Action: Individual Identity and Nurturing a Sense of Belonging has been off to an incredible start! Through engaging activities focused on the exploration of both individual identity and community narratives, youth have begun to explore their own experiences while also finding meaningful connections with their peers and the broader community. 
The beginning week of the cycle was an invitation to unpack “Who Am I?” and dive into the individual sense of self. Once this concept was established each group took their individual identity and infused it in the conversations around belonging and relation to community. This journey of exploration has not only fostered a greater understanding of self but has also strengthened bonds within the group, creating a vibrant and supportive community of young artists. 

Through thoughtful discussion and creative expression, participants laid the foundation for a collaborative and inclusive space. As we look forward to the weeks ahead, we’re excited to continue this journey of exploration and creativity together. 

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