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Shawnessy Mural update – April 2024

A group of around 20 youth have been working on a project in Shawnessy at Cardel Rec south. It’s done and ready to be installed on the walls of the South Fish Creek Complex, Cardel Rec South. 

The project’s purpose is to support the diverse community surrounding the complex and help create a more inclusive environment. The youth involved wanted to include another important theme of “mental wellness” You will see symbols throughout the mural such as birds and butterflies including one large butterfly, a symbol of mental health.

Inclusion and community are shown in many ways, many cultures and races are represented, the personalities are joined by physical contact arm in arm or hands on shoulders etc. Each person has a unique thought stream, these multiple streams all join as one culminating in the colours of the butterfly. We are all in this together.

The official unveiling will happen at Cardel South on May 10th, this will coincide with the launch of their Campfire Connections, monthly Community Fireside Gatherings aimed at youth in the community.  

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