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Shawnessy Mural Project Update

Progress on the mural continues and its completion is nearing!

As youth add colour and details to their creation they continue to modify and personalize the imagery to add even more meaning to the symbolization.

Many conversations have spontaneously occurred around why these specific ideas are important. In this way the youth’s understanding of their project is also continuing to evolve. The challenges of working on a large-scale project in a collaborative process also have many parallels to the challenges of staying connected as a community.

Communication is key. The youth are exploring the idea “we may not always agree” and that’s a good thing. Our differences are part of what makes this “community” interesting.

The viewer should see themselves in the mural, not literally but something or someone that they can relate to.Either in age, race, identity, interests, abilities etc. there should be someone you can connect to.

The youth and the community at Cardel have decided to have the unveiling correspond with Cardel’s Fire side Community Gathering.

This will “connect” the mural with a community event, furthering the purpose of the mural. Youth and Facilitators will be on site to chat about the process and the importance behind the project.

May 10th 5:30-6 unveiling with community gathering to follow 6-8pm, come for free hot chocolate and hotdogs

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