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Antyx is facilitating the youth surrounding the Shawnessy area in collaboration with Planet Youth and Cardel Rec South to create a large mural installation in the main hallway of the South Fish Creek Commons. The Mural will be the first of many in this permanent location. 

This mural, as with all of the projects Antyx facilitates, has been driven by the youth attending. Youth were given the guidelines for a mural that symbolizes “Connected, Inclusive, Communities” The rest was up to them. Youth spent a few weeks exploring the concepts of a safe, inclusive, connected community, where people have a feeling of belonging.

Common themes and concepts began to arise and align. Imagine walking through the hallways and seeing someone who looks like you, looking back at you, your size, age, ethnicity etc. The importance of making people feel like they belong that they are part of a community larger than their immediate family and friends is important. We know that one of the key factors in positive mental health is a sense of belonging.

In this way Antyx is working with youth and communities to help create healthier communities for those youth to live in. There is also the added benefit that youth involved will be able to walk by this mural for years to come with a sense of pride: “I helped do that.”

Watch the halls of South Fish Creek Commons for this mural, an unveiling will be occurring in April.

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