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The Forrest Lawn Library Arts Programming is dedicated to providing fun and meaningful artistic experiences for youth. Our free art program focus on sparking inspiration through the exploration of various artistic expressions. 

By connecting participants to community, global perspectives, and contemporary social issues, we aim to foster creativity and cultural engagement in a vibrant and inclusive environment.


4:30PM - 7:30PM




Forrest Lawn Library

What We Do

At Forrest Lawn Library Arts Programming, our mission is to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive space for artistic exploration and expression. Through a diverse and engaging activities, we aim to empower youth by fostering their creativity and appreciation for the arts. 

From hands-on art projects to thoughtful discussions, we provide a platform that encourages personal growth, community connection, and awareness of contemporary social issues. Our dedicated facilitator is committed to enriching lives through art. Join us on a journey of artistic discovery, where imagination knows no limits.

About the Facilitator


Makayla has been involved with Antyx since she was in Grade 9! Makayla found her passions at a very young age when she discovered volunteer opportunities and the ability she had to create change in her community. She always found ways to express her devotion to art whether it be music or visual and incorporate it into her learning and advocacy journey. 

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