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The Film Lab Podcast Programming in Thorncliffe Greenview

The Film Lab, a podcast from the Antyx Community Arts Society, is happenning every Thursday in the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre. This program, organized in 10-week sessions, explores podcasting as a tool to create more inclusive communities.

Introducing The Film Lab: A Creative Space for Thorncliffe Greenview Youth

The Film Lab isn’t just a podcast; it’s an evolving program in digital tools that aims to inspire and involve youth. Our programs offer movies for a change in Contemporary Calgary and other locations in town. In Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association, we offer a safe space where youth can think and talk about many things like mental health, technology… We cover Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) topics and invite them to share their worries and curiosity with us.

Podcasting: Bringing Everyone into the Conversation

The center our program is that podcasting is more than just a way to share stories. It’s a tool to bring issues to light and make a change. Youth learn to make their voices be heard and share different views.

Providing a Space for Expression

During the 10 weeks, youth are the center of the program. We provide all the material needed and offer our participants to explore the world of audio storytelling. From writing simple scripts to recording and editing, every step is a chance for them to express themselves and develop new skills.

Thinking about Mental Health and More

The Film Lab offers a place to focus on emotional topics, especially mental health. Through talking and interviews,youth explore their feelings and learn to understand their surroundings better. The podcast becomes a way to share experiences, understanding, while breaking the silence around mental health.

Technology: Making Creativity Happen

In a world every time more filled with technology, we use it to spark creativity. Youth don’t just use technology as mere spectators, they become creators, using podcasting to tell stories that matter to them.

SEL: Tools Beyond Podcasting

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a big part of Antyx and The Film Lab. While working on podcasts together, youth learn important life soft skills. It’s not just about making good podcasts; it’s about getting ready for life and having the tools to navigate it.

You can listen to our podcasts episodes in Spotify here:

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