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Youth Arts Action First Six Weeks

During the latest cycle of Youth Arts Action, started in December 2023, we have shifted the focus towards Emotional Management and Emotional Well Being. We are using diverse art mediums to provide tools to our participating youth on how to manage their feelings and emotions.

Zentangle Art and Self-Awareness

The program begins with Zentangle Art, inviting youth to create repetitive patterns for enhanced self-awareness and inner calm. Through this meditative approach, they explore their thoughts and emotions, fostering curiosity and artistic exploration.

Expressing with Colors

The program continues exploring the connection between mood and colors in Week 2. Youth express their emotional landscapes through intentional color palette creation, learning how colors enhance self-awareness and mood expression.

Week 3: Emotional Landscapes

Week 3 focuses on representing mental health themes through abstract expression. Recognizing that emotions can be challenging to articulate, painting becomes a tool to move feelings onto canvas. This emotional regulation tool encourages youth to create abstract art pieces reflecting their emotional landscapes.

Week 4: Coloring Pages Creation

Week 4 brings youth to create coloring pages with mindfulness themes. Using markers and color pencils, they design pages reflecting the expressive aspects of their lives.

Origami Unfolded in Week 5

In Week 5, youth unfold origami, using it as a meditative art form. Various folding techniques encourages them on reflecting their emotions. This session encourages meaningful discussions and transforming difficulties into meaningful origami creations.

Merging Visual Art and Music in Week 6

Week 6 explores the intersection of two emotional management tools: music and art. Youth explore how sounds influence their world, creating expressive art pieces using paint and pastels. This experience encourages creativity with external inputs.

Youth Empowerment and Mental Well-being

The Youth Arts Action program, through its SEL components, empowers youth to explore and manage their emotions. Beyond creating art, participants gain self-awareness and find new tools for expressing. The program serves as a safe space for mental well-being, providing tools to articulate issues and provides transformative creative processes.

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