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Antyx joins the AIFY Summit at Nelson Mandela High School

In line with our mission of empowering youth, Jeff Gray, our Executive Director, recently participated at the AIFY Summit held at Nelson Mandela High School. This event resonates with Antyx’s commitment to offering free programs for youth, joining Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), alternative learning, arts, and the prevention of addictions, with a special emphasis on mental health support of youth.

Community Impact: A Comprehensive Approach

Antyx’s mission is materialised by offerring free programs in diverse communities around Calgary. We are present in Thorncliffe Greenview, Central Calgary, the Genesis Centre, and most recently, Cardel Rec South in Shawnessy. In these diverse neighborhoods, we are actively engaged in transforming lives through our comprehensive youth programs.

A Glimpse into Our Diverse Offerings

Our commitment to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) goes hand in hand with alternative learning initiatives that provide varied educational pathways tailored to the unique needs of each group. The arts take center stage in our free programs, allowing youth to explore their creative potential and express themselves freely.

Preventing Addictions: A Proactive Stance

Antyx’s proactive approach to addiction prevention is key, showing our dedication to the well-being of youth at our programs. By integrating mental health awareness into our sessions, we give participants resources that contribute to resilience, emotional intelligence, and coping mechanisms, creating a foundation for positive change.

Our Community Presence

Antyx actively offers weekly programs in various communities, enriching the lives of youth through accessible, free programs. We are currently expanding and looking for new needs. This strategic view ensures that our work resonate with the unique characteristics of each community.

Join Us on the Journey

As we share our recent engagement at the AIFY Summit, we invite you to join our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay on top of our activities. Antix continues continously renewing its free programs, with a focus on SEL, alternative learning, arts, and addiction prevention, while prioritizing mental health.

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