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June Art Workshops

June Art Workshops will invite 12 to 18 years old artists in diverse communities in Calgary. The workshops will be four standlaone mixed arts offerings, tieing together photography and traditional arts 

Current Programming

Over 10-weeks, our program will explore the voices of youth through the therapeutic benefits of traditional art mediums through lessons, discussion and shared experiences with a professional facilitator. Cultivating in a final virtual art showcase, each youth will have a platform to share their art piece that demonstrates the theme and topic they are bringing awareness to.

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About the Facilitators


They focuse on the power of community and the strength in providing platforms for voices to be heard. Kai is a self-taught artist who holds the belief that creativity has the capacity to transcend our understanding of self, and our relation to the world around us. 

Kai obtained a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge and spent several years in Southern Alberta supporting youth through their work at the Boys and Girls Club and through her time as a middle school teacher. 

Film Labs Instructor


Driven by his passion for education and media fields. Originally from Madrid, Spain, Daniel spent most of his life in the vibrant city of Málaga, Spain. He holds a BA in Media Production and a MEd in Secondary, VET, and Adult Education, with a specialization in Image and Plastic Arts. 

Daniel’s teaching philosophy centers on challenging systems, opening minds, and encouraging alternative approaches to learning. He firmly believes that education should be about nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression. 

Programming Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Exploring Mood and Emotion through Color Theory

In this workshop, participants will dive into the world of emotion through color theory as it relates to both photography and painting. Through hands-on activities, youth will explore how different colors evoke emotions and learn how to use color to convey mood in their artistic creations. From vibrant paintings to captivating photographs, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how color can be used as a tool for emotion management and self-expression.

Week 2: Shadows and Lights

Explore the interplay of light and darkness in the experiences of life with our Shadows and Light workshop. Participants will engage with the perspectives, experiences, and emotions associated with shadows and light through the creation of 3D sculptures and photography of their piece. Through this tactile and immersive experience, youth will develop empathy and gain insights into the complexities of the human experience. 

Week 3: Reimagining a Future

Participants will reimagine the future through a play on mixed media art. Youth will have the opportunity to capture photos and then cut out their images to reimagine a new form of art. Youth will create pieces that reflect their visions for a better world. Through this process of artistic expression, participants will explore themes of responsibility, hope, and resilience, leaving them inspired to make positive changes in their communities.

Week 4: Creativity Walk

Join us for storytelling through photography and composition by community exploration. Participants will learn how to capture images that convey powerful narratives and emotions about the spaces they engage with every day.  Through connecting with their environment youth will use elements discussed in previous weeks to photograph and sketch items from the scavenger hunt list.

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